I.H.F is a high-end fashion brand that was conceptualized and established in the United Kingdom in 2013 by a group of young designers who studied and worked in London. They have passion for fashion and appreciate the value of culture, history, art and architecture of the United Kingdom.
Inspired by global culture and architecture and the style of elegance and vibrance, I.H.F’s design team has integrated these sustainable values with contemporary fashion trends to suit the lifestyles of modern women. 
To mark as one of sophisticated fashion brands that stands-out in the area. Being the brand that builds an elegant and sophisticated image for women to confidently express their own identity. Provides dedicated and attentive service to ensure customers have a great experience. 
We aspire to create quality and sustainable products, while minimizing the environmental impact during the production process. In our manufacturing environment, we always uphold the core values of our corporation, company, and brand. 
I.H.F Atelier stands as the first line within the distinguished portfolio of the high-end fashion brand I.H.F. Meticulously crafted with exquisite handcrafted details, I.H.F Atelier embodies the epitome of luxury and sophistication.
I.H.F Atelier create high-end fashion products with pride. Our skilled team of pattern makers and experienced tailors prioritize quality and sophistication. With modern equipment and tight production management, we aim to meet every customer’s requirements and bring satisfaction to all. 
Every creation seamlessly combines artisanal craftsmanship, reflects a dedication to precision and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sartorial excellence, making it a definitive choice for those who seek unparalleled style and refinement.
I.H.F fosters a creative spirit through fashion prints, drawing inspiration from culture, art, and architecture. Each season, the brand introduces unique and contemporary patterns, crafted by a visionary design team. Fluid and feminine, I.H.F motifs push the boundaries of fashion and offer new perspectives on style.